We all know the great feeling when the sales rep in the store has helped you make a good decision of what to buy. It may look easy and natural. And some reps are extremely talented. But it does not come by itself - it demands a lot of training, knowledge, willingness to listen and to act.

Why video eLearning is important for the retail sector!

High staff turnover: As high staff turnover is a source of "pain" for the retail industry,  efficient, easy onboarding and training can be ensured efficiently and inexpensively by using video eLearning. uQualio® ’s platform can help ease the stress of having high employee turnover with readily available training courses, requiring less time and effort for new employees to become fully prepared for the job. 

Savvier and more knowledgeable customers bring new challenges to retailers: Customers, thanks to the easy access of information provided by the internet, are better informed than ever before. uQualio® 's platform allows for more accessible and on-demand training, ensuring employees are better equiped to handle these more demanding consumers.

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Continuous change in products and services: To ensure high customer satisfaction and loyalty, training in new product features and benefits becomes imperative. Video eLearning is the perfect tool for product training.

Easy to give access to courses: uQualio​® provides any local business the ability to add relevant participants directly to the platform, therefore providing access to relevant courses swiftly and effortlessly.

Understanding the importance of in-store experience: Training on understanding customers’ in-store experience is perfectly showcased by video eLearning.

Courses are easy to create, make available and understand: And you need only one system. On uQualio​® it is easy to create and make courses available, which can be understood by all. If relevant, your suppliers can either make the courses available on the platform or just provide you with videos that can easily be converted into eLearning videos in uQualio​®.

Enhanced sales training and customer service: uQualio​® is perfect for training your sales staff and improves its impact through gamification and the ability for you to create competitions.

Delivering training on mobile devices: uQualio​® works seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing employees to train wherever they are, whenever they can.

Training can be revisited:
Staff can access courses on their mobile devices directly in the store. They can revisit the course at any given time, even in the actual sales situation.

Train when it makes sense: eLearning courses are perfect for the staff to train themselves during slower hours, while also attending to the store. Because uQualio​® course structure supports micro learning (smaller bites of learning), store reps can access training continuously and make progress in smaller intervals of time.

Code of conduct and compliance training: Video eLearning can also be used to ensure that your staff understand how they should behave in different customer situations and what the correct course of action should be in these situations, further improving the quality of the service delivered to the customer.

Examples: Below are a few links to courses, which can give you inspiration for how you can create and publish courses on uQualio​®:

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